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Recent News

Jun 04,2020

A new Solar Farm in Brazil completed smoothly with PT structure  


This solar farm project, with a power of 2 megawatts (MWp) now officially completed in the Marco-CE area, this is a new result of a successful private partnership between PT Solar Mounting System Group (PT) and one of it’s customer in Brazil.

The construction contractor of the project happily shared us their opinion that this kind of PT aluminum solar mounting structure is quite easy and quick to install, which saved much time for their team.

The solar farm, which will generate 2.6 MW of peak power, is expected to be connected to the grid soon. The plan aims to increase the electricity supply for customer’s business and reduce its dependence on fossil fuels and its impact on the environment.

Despite the turmoil in the solar construction sector, PT is looking to further grow its presence in the Brazil market, which it sees as promising. “In Brazil, like in many other parts of the world, industry associations claim that solar will be a strategic element in the recovery from the Covid-19 crisis, due to its potential to create jobs, generate income, and attract new investment. We are at a moment of growth in activity at a global level in general, and in Brazil in particular, where we are very active, studying new projects for the near future,” PT CEO, Mike said.

Supplying for thousands of projects including sizable solar plants and distribution worldwide, PT has recently passed the 500M mark of installed capacity in the Latin America, its portfolio features both small and large-scale projects.

We firmly believe that after the most acute phase of the current pandemic, solar energy will once again drive Brazil’s recovery, being part of the solution, both for the society and for the environment.